In this busy, stressed out world, we allow our feelings to tangle up into snarls.

Rarely, do we slow down enough to examine them and work with them. We bury them and attempt to ignore the feelings.

As a workshop leader, Justine Durrell acts as a wise sage, one who guides us through our knots and addresses them with the time and love to untangle the very issues we have tried to ignore.

I felt that the workshop opened up feelings I wasn’t going to address and made me feel so much better about future decisions and how they affect me. I am so glad I took the time and let myself be guided by Justine.- Emjay Wilson
I was surprised at how much depth and fun could be packed into just one day. Justine’s creative skills shone in creating a lovely atmosphere, comfortable setting (great scones..) and multiple magical accessories with which to choose our course.

Her facilitation skills helped manage us, directing us to go deeper when appropriate, to have fun when needed, and overall to come away with meaning and direction. We learned so much from Justine, ourselves, each other and of course, “The Mystery.”- Maja Kristin
Justine thank you for an interesting and inspiring day. I appreciated your creativity and enthusiasm in helping us to reflect on and connect with our own deeper wisdom. It was most fun to see you enjoying yourself and putting all your beautiful gifts to use for our benefit! I really enjoyed the day and got so much out of it.- Dana Curtis
What a fabulous process for teasing out the unconscious... so simple, so safe and so much fun!  Holy Smoke is a wonderful day of renewal, surprise, laughter and connection.  Definitely worth the time and money.

I really enjoyed it and re-membered so much.

 - Deborah Goldblatt
Justine begins by encouraging you to explore your relationship with your guide, and the day unfolds in fascinating unexpected ways.
I feel we should all allow ourselves the time to do this!
Justine asked subtle thought provoking questions to support  me along my path. A week later I'm still gaining insights from this journey!
Truly glad to have spent the day exploring with Justine and new friends.- Sarah Gorman-Brown
Holy Smoke opened me to not only deeper places inside my own spiritual heart but allowed me to witness the same in others. The experience of Holy Smoke delivered a sense of "loving calm" that has stayed with me.- Brent
In a world that is rushed and often feels chaotic the Holy Smoke workshop was like an Oasis for my spirit! Justine created a safe space that gently moved through a deep opening and sharing with creative play as she guided us into the Mystery! Amazing, I walked away with new found direction and clarity, which continues to deepen in me.- Sheila Peterson